Photo by Mathias Eigen- Zucchi

Photo by Mathias Eigen- Zucchi


Based in Massachusetts, educated at the New England School of Photography. In school I explored portraiture, fashion, advertising, and a little fine art photography. I’ve always been drawn to creating art with people, drawn to the beauty within them and the beauty they create with their form. I love building a moment and a world for my photo to exist in. I’ve been honored to work with designers, small brands, and show my work in exhibitions. With every shoot, small and personal or a large production, I aim to bring you into my world.

Inspired by the beautiful New England coast and friendships with other artists, I am lucky to grow with every photoshoot. After just a few short years of working as a photographer professionally my goals are to always grow and learn about my path, and every individual or business who works with me on it.



instagram: @a.burnsphotography

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